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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week 7

Both kids had their Valentine's Day parties on the same day at the exact same time. This was the first time I've ever had to choose which event to go to. I felt guilty that I couldn't attend both, as silly as that sounds. Luckily my husband said he would take the morning off and go to the other kiddo's party so that both would have a parent there, yay! Since I was asked to bring food and help set up at Alexis', I went to that one while Cory went to Paxton's. I gave Cory our old Canon Rebel and told him to please take a few pictures for me. Thankfully he took a ton!

Alexis and Cory went to the father-daughter dance! He said she could pick wherever she wanted to eat dinner and she picked Stuft (a burger place) ha! They had a great time dancing the night away. I'm so grateful for such a awesome husband who does things like this for his baby girl. Paxton and I put our PJ's on, got some McDonald's happy meals and watched the Lego Movie while cuddled up on the couch. =)

Happy Valentine's Day!! We decided to spend it as a family. We took the kids to a local outdoor ice-skating rink. This was Paxton's first time and he loved every second of it! Only in Colorado do you go ice-skating in short-sleeve shirts!

For dinner we picked up a heart-shaped pizza and I set the table with some fun themed plates and champagne glasses. The kids thought they were getting "wine" (sparkling cidar) and boy did they think they were getting away with something…

It was the perfect day with the ones I love most!