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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Week 4

I bought a breakout session from CM about shooting from the shadows. I totally reccommend it! Here is my first attempt at shooting from the shadows. I'm excited to read more and keep practicing.

After weeks of snow and cold we had a couple of days that got to 60 degrees!! Wahoo! We went to the park both days and let the kids run off all that energy. Thankful for warm days in January, they are much needed!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Week 3

We went to a Eagles Hockey game! We love going to these semi-pro sporting events. I love that they are so close to our house and the tickets are super cheap! The kids think the players are big time, they don't know the difference. Shhh! 

Sometimes after dropping big sis off at school Pax and I like to lounge in our PJ's, watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and eat cereal on the couch. I love having the 1-on-1 time with him in the mornings.

After a episode of Mickey Mouse we got dressed and played. I was so happy that he let me take pictures of him while he did his thing. My boy.

I've been teaching Alexis how to shoot in Manual! I gave her my old Canon Rebel and either put my 85mm or my 50mm on it for her. She's learned ISO and aperture so far and is rocking it! She's even back-button-focusing! That's my girl! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Week 2

What a week…… Alexis is finally back to her normal self! Wahoo! My husband has been batteling a horrible cough, but it seems to be going away, yay! Paxton's got a never ending runny nose this week. Luckily that was it, but it seems to be doing better now.

Then there is me. I got sick. I got really sick. It was bad. But as I'm sitting here typing this, I'm actually beginning to feel better. 

So let's cross our fingers that this whole crazy sickness that has hit my family so hard is done!

Alexis had her winter dance recital. She sure was cute and like always, I was so super proud of her. It takes a lot to go up on stage in front of so many people and perform. That girl loves every second of it though.

Alexis was "Star-of-the-Week" in Kindergarten this week. She was so excited. I guess being the star means you get to be the line-leader, sit in the rocking chair during reading time, show your class your poster and bring 5 special things from home to show your peers. Your a big deal for the week. She couldn't wait for her week to begin….

Not too many pictures this week as I spent most of my time laying in bed or on the couch feeling like death. Hopefully there will be more to report about next week…. =)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Week 1

We started off the year with Alexis testing positive for Flu-Type A. Poor girl was so sick, I've never seen her so sick. It was heartbreaking. After 6 days of the flu and not feeling any better we took her back in to the doctor. Luckily she didn't have the flu anymore, but she did have double ear-infection, double pink-eye and CROUP! She was miserable. We pumped her full of meds and she is beginning to feel better.

Unfortunately the flu hit my husband too. Pax and I were getting stir crazy and needed to get out of our germ infested house. So we had a mother-son date day and went to Jurassic Quest! It was in town for just the weekend so it was the perfect time. Guys… this dinosaur exhibit is SPECTACULAR! Seriously… I could write a novel about how fun this was. But I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

We finally had a small breakthrough with Alexis and she got out of bed for the first time and wanted to play! She finally looked like she had some life in her again. We played playdough at the table all afternoon. It was fun.

Alexis has her Winter Dance Recital this weekend and had the rehearsal this week. Her dance is to the Polar Express and it is super adorable. They don't allow cameras at the actual recital so they ask parents to take all their pictures during the rehearsal. She was cute, even though she is still not feeling 100%.