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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 8

Alexis received her first American Girl doll for her 5th birthday from her grandma and papa! I bought a few matching outfits for them. She named the doll Alexis and loves her so much. I thought it would be fun to do a photo session with her and her "twin" doll. 

Little brother came with us and had fun "rarrrring" at the people who would walk by. He truly thinks he is a real dinosaur. He's so cute.

Who doesn't love bath pictures?

Cory and Alexis went to the Father-Daughter Dance! It is a formal event so they both got dressed up. They got to take pictures in a photobooth with props, eat cookies, and dance their hearts out. Alexis came running inside, jumping up and down and talking a mile a minute to tell me everything they did. I guess that means she had a great time. I love that she her daddy does special things like this for her. 

Paxton got a little sad that I was only taking pictures of daddy and sissy, so I took this one of him. While daddy and sis were out for the night Pax and I put on our PJ's and watched The Incredibles. Our night was a bit more low-key. =)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week 7

Pinterest wins again! I got this fun Valentines idea and it even came with the free printable to print off! I found the crazy straws in packs of 6 at the Dollar Store. All her little preschool friends loved them!

I got to help out in Alexis' preschool class for their Valentine's Day party. The kids got to decorate cookies and then they opened all their valentines from their classmates. It was super cute.


The kids woke up early! We bought them each a book, just like we do every Valentine's Day. You can never have too many books. They were very excited and we had to reach each of them over and over and over again.

Then we got ready for the day and we baked some heart-shaped cupcakes…complete with pink frosting and pink sprinkles! They were delicious!

We had a pretty low-key Valentine's Day. The next day Cory and I went on a date night and went out to a nice dinner. We orderd some wine and even some desert. It was nice.

The weater has finally warmed up a little bit. Or at least for a few days. I am so ready for spring. SO READY! We had a fun morning playing outside. It was nice to get some fresh air.

Alexis just so happened to be laying in the light that was coming in from her window. I thought it looked interesting and grabbed my camera.

I know this isn't the best technically. In fact, it's pretty awful. But that face! I just couldn't bring myself to trash it. It makes me smile.

and another one…

I captured this as he had a split second of stillness. That doesn't happen very often with this little man.

Alexis has some whispy hair. She gets her hair genes from her daddy.

One more fun one of my FIVE year olds little piggys. I will never get tired of photograping their little details.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 6

On Friday we picked Alexis up from school and went straight to Jumpin (an indoor inflatable play area)  We met up with a group of friends and their kiddos. There was pizza, juice, and even cupcakes! We let the kids run, run and run some more. We've been getting so stir crazy so this was great! 3 hours later, they were sweaty and exhausted and it was time to go. Both of them fell asleep on the car ride home. 

Sunday was my hubby's birthday! He is the big 2-8 now! The kids and I made him breakfast in bed and woke him up singing happy birthday! We hung out for the morning and then went to Panera for lunch and then to Target. He got a gift card from my parents and wanted to spend it. Later that afternoon we sang happy birthday again and we got to eat the german chocolate cake I made, it was delicious! Then we dropped the kids off at my parents house and we went out to dinner. We went to Red Robin, we sat in the bar for 2 whole hours. It was magical. We even ordered desert!

Happy Birthday, my love.