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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 47

Alexis had her Thanksgiving presentation at school this week. Our blonde hair, blue-eyed girl played the part of a Native American. Boy was she cute! At the end of their little performance each child got to say what they are thankful for. Our little sweetie said she was most thankful for "my mommy, my daddy and my brother!" LOVE HER! Then we had a Thanksgiving feast.

We surprised the kids with tickets to ride the Polar Express! They were so excited an so was I! I'm a total sucker for stuff like this. We first got on a train and were served cookies and hot chocolate while characters sang and danced down the aisle. Then they read the book Polar Express (it was a much shorter version). Then we got off that train and got to board the Polar Express. It took us to the North Pole and Santa got on the train with us. He walked up to each child and asked if they were a believer. They would say yes and he would hand them a silver bell, the first gift of Christmas! It was adorable and we had an excellent time!

Another basketball game for Alexis. I can't believe this season is almost over. Only 2 more weeks. It went fast.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 46

What a week! It started with Alexis getting sick, then got passed along to Paxton and now me. Blah. It's been a long week and we're all still batteling the crud. Hopefully next week I will be able to report that we are all back to our normal healthy selfs!

The kids have had way too much iPad time. But when you're pregnant and sick, you pick your battles. ;)

Alexis had her day to stay home from school. We all lounged on the couch watching Christmas movies and drinking hot tea. The next day I sent Alexis to school but kept Paxton home from school. That morning his cough was so deep and he just looked miserable. It didn't take long for him to liven up and run around playing, which made me feel guilty for keeping him home. sigh. I did enjoy spending some alone time with him though.

(waiting for big sis to get out of Kindergarten)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 45

We have a BIG announcement!

We are expecting BABY #3!!!

I have dealt with infertility for years and have been on infertility treatments for over a year. It was a tough journey, but here we are…finally another little miracle! 

We had our first ultrasound this week, baby is growing right on track and had a strong heartbeat of 169 bpm. I am so in love.

Here are some pictures I took to announce our exciting news!

Alexis had her first Basketball game! It was funny. Afterwards she told me her favorite part was sitting out so she could talk to her friends, ha! Maybe basketball won't be her thing. ;)

I was able to get our Christmas card photo taken! It was the last nice day of Fall until major snow storms were expected to move in. The light was falling fast and I only had a few minutes to get one. Here it is!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 44

Ready for some Halloween over-load?

First up was Paxton's Halloween party in his Preschool class. The kids got to eat some treats, play a few games and play outside.

Next day was Alexis' Halloween party in her Kindergarten class. They had stations set up that the kids rotated through. There was a snack station, finger-painting, bingo, and story time. Every single parent showed up so their little classroom was packed! It was hard to move around to get many pictures of her, but oh well, she had a blast! We went out to lunch afterwards with my parents. It was a fun day!

Halloween! We had a really fun night trick-or-treating. The kids made it a whole block further than they have in years past. They were exhausted be the end of the night and couldn't keep their eyes open.

Is it really November already?