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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Week 25

We spent a few hours at our neighborhood pool. This is Cory's last week off of work so we are trying to take full advantage of the time together. 

We bought this cute playyard for Brexlyn and she loves it! 

I wanted to get a few pictures of her in her nursery…

We realized we still hadn't planted any flowers in our pots in front of our house. We are way behind. So a quick trip to Lowe's solved the problem.

Father's Day snuck up on me this year. I wish I would have been more prepared. But I guess I have the whole "I just had a baby" excuse, right? ;)

I left it up to Cory what he wanted to do for the day. He choose bowling in the morning and then going to the pool in the afternoon. It was a great day! I hope he knows how much he is loved and appreciated. =)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Week 24

4 Days Old!

Brexlyn's first bath! She is a total water baby. She LOVES her baths!

After her bath I had her wrapped up in her towel and noticed the light that was hitting her was so beautiful, I just had to take a few more of her.

Can' ….. she changes so much each day that I just want to photograph her all day every day. I don't want to miss a single thing.

Alexis had her Spring Dance Recital when I was just 6 days post pardom. It was a bit stressful. I was extremely exhausted and still worrying about Brexlyn's jaundice and wondering if she was getting enough to eat. Also still healing from child birth. It was interesting to say the least… but we made it through. 

I love watching her dance and my eyes filled with tears as she performed. I can't believe how big she is, when did that happen?

A few more of my baby girl…

…and one of my big girl playing in the backyard…

We had Brexlyn's newborn pictures done this week. I am SO in love with these images! They are perfect.

(Our newborn photographer took these!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Week 23


Brexlyn Grace Andrews
born on June 7th, 2015

(these images were taken by our birth photographer- she did an amazing job!)

I bought these super cute sibling shirts on Etsy and couldn't wait for all 3 kiddos to wear them. They wore them to Brexlyn's first doctor's appointment. She's jaundice and we had to get another billy ruben count done, poor girl. Those heel pricks look incredibly painful and it breaks my heart!

Her billy ruben numbers showed she was still jaundice, but that they were coming down. Waiting for my milk to come in so she can work this jaundice out of her system.

3 Days Old!

I can't get enough of her! I am so in love!

The big kids are adjusting well and we're all so happy that she is finally here! She completes our family.