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Saturday, September 24, 2016

268|366 - longest day joy

Today started early. Really early. Before the sun was even up I was ready and packed to go.

I had to take Pax to football pictures, which just happened to be 45 minutes away! I wasn't sure if I wanted to order any photos so I took one of him, just in case I choose not to order.

Then we hung out in the car with the heat blasting. We had an hour to kill before his game started. So a trip to Starbucks passed the time well.

After his game I had to rush to a bridal shower. I was asked to take photos at it. I really love photographing events and I was happy to do so for my good friend!

Here's all of us bridesmaids. I'm really looking forward to the wedding next week!

I stayed afterwards to help clean up and then I was off to do a family session for a client. The session went amazing and the family could not have been any cuter! 

Then I went home, crashed onto the couch and fell asleep.

It was a long Saturday.