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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week 33

A lot of firsts going on around here….

Alexis had her first day of KINDERGARTEN!! Oh my goodness was I an emotional wreck. She was really excited to go to "the big school" so I tried to keep my tears hidden so I wouldn't worry her. But as she lined up with her classmates, with their big backpacks on and marched into the classroom I just couldn't hold it back anymore and out poured the mommy tears. I hope she has a fantastic year!

Alexis' teacher gave us these 2 heart stickers at open house- one to give to the kiddo and one for mom to wear. If we miss each other we are supposed to hug it and it will make us feel better. This was very important to Alexis, so we wore our hearts. After school she told me she had to hug it a few times. =)

And here are some super cute little brothers at Kindergarten drop-off! I'm so happy that there are so many friends in her class. Hopefully it will make the transition easier!

I couldn't wait to pick her up and hear all about her first day. She came walking out of that classroom with the biggest smile on her face and all my nerves were calmed. I knew she had a rockin good day!

The night before Paxton's big day- we read him this book!

Paxton's first day of PRESCHOOL!! We weren't really sure how it would go. This is his first time doing anything like this. But he did great! When we said bye he just waved and smiled and went back to playing. Phew….

Wow! I feel like we have reached a new stage in our lives- both kiddos in school! I have Tuesday and Thursday mornings all to MYSELF! I'm thinking I will spend those few hours at a coffee shop- doing absolutely nothing. =)