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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Week 3

We went to a Eagles Hockey game! We love going to these semi-pro sporting events. I love that they are so close to our house and the tickets are super cheap! The kids think the players are big time, they don't know the difference. Shhh! 

Sometimes after dropping big sis off at school Pax and I like to lounge in our PJ's, watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and eat cereal on the couch. I love having the 1-on-1 time with him in the mornings.

After a episode of Mickey Mouse we got dressed and played. I was so happy that he let me take pictures of him while he did his thing. My boy.

I've been teaching Alexis how to shoot in Manual! I gave her my old Canon Rebel and either put my 85mm or my 50mm on it for her. She's learned ISO and aperture so far and is rocking it! She's even back-button-focusing! That's my girl!