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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Week 9

What a week! I started it off celebrating my 28th birthday! Also decided to take a belly picture- my first one this whole pregnancy-oops. 26 Weeks!

Then our week got crazy…..

We had planned on spending our weekend converting our office into a nursery. But both kids woke up with high fevers, runny noses, coughing….sick. We took them to the doctor and they both tested positive for Influenza B. No joke. Alexis just got over Influenza A 2 months ago. While the kids slept Cory and I worked quick to try and clear out the office and continue on with our plans. Easier said than done. The kids missed 3 days of school and Alexis ended up with an ear infection as well. All while this is going on my grandfather is in the hospital and I'm being told that he probably won't be making it for much longer. Heartbroken. This has been a long and emotional week so there is just this one lonely photo this week. 

I hope everyone else's weeks went much better than mine!