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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Week 26

The big kids had Vacation Bible School this week. I thought it would be so nice to drop them off in the morning and have 3 whole hours with just the baby. Those 3 hours were nice, but the morning chaos to get everyone ready and out the door was a bit of a nightmare. I forgot how hard it can be to get out of the house with a newborn. 

The kids absolutely loved every minute of it. The last day they put on a performance for the parents. Paxton was hidden by some tall girls so I was only able to get a couple pictures of him with his little head peeking out, lol.

We have a local farm that has animals that you can feed and they also do horse rides. It's one of the kids' favorite things to do in the summer. It's super cheap too! Always a bonus.

I FINALLY was able to take Paxton out and take his 4 year old pictures. I had big plans on going to a new location in the mountains. But having a newborn who is wanting to feed every 2 hours doesn't really allow for that. So we went to one of my favorite locations that is super close to home and had a whole hour session! I did promise him some gelato if he did good. ;)

Alexis had another T-Ball game. I've been really bad at taking pictures this season. Brexlyn seems to want to be held during games and that makes picture taking next to impossible… I'm not complaining though… I LOVE snuggling her! =)

I love that Alexis always has her tounge hanging out when she concentrates. Makes me laugh.

Just because she was wearing a super cute outfit! Baby clothes kill me (with cuteness!)

…and we'll end with the biggest news of all! Alexis chopped all her hair off!… she has been begging me for a year and I kept putting it off because I just love her long hair. But I could tell it's what she really wanted and it's her hair, so I got over myself and I gave in. She really does look cute with that short bob though. It's growing on me and I'm beginning to really love it too.

(so much hair on the ground! This mama wanted to cry.)