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Friday, October 28, 2016

302|366 - knight in shining armor joy

Last night I had a complete mental breakdown. I have bit off way more than I can chew with taking on way too many client sessions this Fall. I logged my hours for the week with shooting and editing and I am putting in about 60 hours a week right now PLUS I'm still a stay-at-home mom with no daycare options. I've been staying up until all hours of the night editing and responding to emails and messages. I just sort of.........lost it. 

So my knight in shining armor (my husband) swooped in a saved the day! He took today off of work and took care of B for me. He also got the big kids off to school, picked them up from school and did some house work too, while I sat in my office and edited. I worked from 6:00am-11:30pm, only breaking to go to the bathroom and eat. It was a long day and I was so tired of starring at my computer screen and sitting. But I got through it! I'm not completely finished, but I'm at least closer to being completed.

Next year I won't be taking on as much. I need to learn to say no.