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Saturday, December 10, 2016

345|366 - picture overload joy

The girls woke up early this morning! Cory ran out and got them some Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. Then they packed up their stuff and the parents started coming to pick the girls up. Did we really just survive our first big sleepover?

We hurried and cleaned up the sleepover mess and then laid on the couch and decompressed for awhile. Then I decided that since today was supposed to be the nicest day we have for the next few weeks that I should take Brexlyn's 18 month old photos AND Alexis' 8 year old photos - and then drive to Denver to do see the Zoo lights. I think Cory rolled his eyes at me and thought I had completely lost my mind. But he went with it....

Up first was Brexlyn. I was looking for just ONE vertical photo of her to document this 1.5 year milestone. It was chilly and she wasn't in the mood. But we went with it and the first one is "the one" that will get printed and hung on the wall.

Then it was Alexis' turn. I usually expect her to be pretty good for pictures - she actually really enjoys it! (most of the time!). But obviously staying up past midnight the night before with all her friends left her cranky and not in the mood...... I struggled to get her to cooperate and I tried to keep my patience but I also knew that today was the ONLY day for a long time that I could get them done because of the weather and I also wanted to get them printed and give them to family members who will be coming into town soon. *Sigh*

We forged ahead and although I'm not thrilled with them, they will just have to do this year.

Then we loaded up and headed to Denver to see the Zoo lights. This is our favorite tradition each year and we ALL we're very excited! Alexis crashed in the car and slept the entire drive down and was in much better spirits when we got there. Phew....

Oh! And of course, the Elf! Our Elf on the Shelf was sitting on the shelf. So creative, right?