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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Today was another day that was full of running errands.

Cory is out of town for a few days with my brother for his bachlor party. As pathetic as this is, I never sleep well when he is gone. Plus we had a major thunderstorm last night and both kids were scared and ended up in bed with me. None of us got any sleep. But this morning as tired as we were I knew I had to press on to get more things ready for the big day! We started out eating breakfast at Starbucks (coffee was a must this morning!) then we headed to get Paxton's haircut. I should have called and made an appointment but I didn't think it would be busy, it was. We had to wait 45 minutes. Luckily they have a play area and the kids were happy just playing and I was able to catch up on some emails! Paxton's hair turned out great and I think he'll be the cutest ring bearer ever! I'm sure of it. Then we had to get something for Alexis to wear in her hair for being the flower girl. I found an adorable pearl headband that will work perfectly! We went home and ate lunch and got Alexis ready for dance class. I took Alexis to her dance class and Paxton and I hung out playing with trains and cars, that was a nice break! After dance we went and picked up Cory (yay, he is finally home!) and we headed to the tux rental place because the guys needed to try on their tuxes (they fit!) and we were able to take them home with us! There just so happened to be a Halloween store next door so we decided to stop in and look for some costumes for the kids. Paxton picked out a pirate costume and Alexis is still unsure of what she wants to be yet. Red Robin is across the street and since I hadn't planned on anything for dinner we decided to stop in and have an early dinner, it was good, really good! After we were stuffed we ran over to my parents house so I could pick up a couple of things. Drove all the way back home, changed my clothes, put on some more makeup to make me look alive, and then I was headed out to play Bunco with my girlfriends. Lots of laughing, drinking and fun! (I won too! Wahoo!) I didn't get home until late  and I am so ready to pass out. Tomorrow is another busy day.... 2 days until the wedding!