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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week 1

We started off the year with our annual New Years Day picture.
I take a picture of the kids holding what year it is on January 1st every year. It's a fun tradition, although it always seems to be extra freezing on the 1st of each year.

Alexis got a duplicate gift for Christmas so we had to exchange it for something else. She had $21 to spend. We walked those aisles for a whole hour. She could not decide. She is her father's daughter =)
.... and finally she walked passed a Brave bow & arrow and she was sold. She didn't need to think about it anymore, she was sure.
She insisted that she carry it the whole way home and begged me to open it before I could even get through the door. She played with it the entire day.

I am not a play-doh all. I dispise the stuff! It always ends up getting rock hard or caked into my carpet some how. But Alexis had been seeing a commercial with the dentist play-doh set and she would start jumping up and down begging us to get it for her. So...... one of her gifts from us was the dentist play-doh thing. She's lucky I love her so much =)
I was dreading pulling it out of the box and I put it off for 2 whole weeks! But eventually this little girl couldn't wait another moment to rip it open and get her dentist on. She was in heaven. 2 whole hours of fun for her.

This week has been cold! Mostly single digit temps. The kids wake up each morning asking if they can go outside and play and I have to break their dreams everytime. It's just too cold. Well today finally reached a high of 24 degrees! We pulled all the snow stuff out and got it on and played in the snow all morning long. The kids didn't come in until it was lunch time. Their little red cheeks and noses... and the huge smiles on their faces. They had a good day.

This girl wakes up with some CRAZY bedhead! But todays was espicially crazy.