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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 4

Alexis had her very first dance competition on Saturday. It was held at the University of Denver's concert hall. We were so excited! We decided to go down to Denver on Friday and spent the night in a hotel. My parents joined us. We got to the hotel first and my parents were a couple hours behind us so we decided to stop at a Jamba Juice! We haven't had one in forever and it was oh so tasty!

All of the "lovies" we had to bring with us. This always cracks me up.

The day of her competition happened so fast! We got there pretty early in the morning. I had to get her ready and once we were done her teacher was taking her team backstage and I was heading out to the audience. There was absolutely no picture taking aloud (they enforced it pretty heavily) so I wasn't able to get any pictures of her actually dancing, which I was super bummed about. They danced beautifully and they all did such a fantastic job. We were shining with pride. It wasn't until after I got her out of her costume and dressed that I realized I had yet to take a picture of the competition. I was so upset with myself. So here is my one and only picture of her big day.

Awards were next! Again no picture taking of this either. Ugh. But my husband was able to sneak his phone up and video it (hehe) and I'm so glad he did, because they won FIRST PLACE! She got her very own medal and her dance teacher received the trophy. She is so dang proud of that medal and has been wearing it everyday since.