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Friday, June 13, 2014

Week 23

I LOVE Living Social and the deals they have! I scored an awesome deal for 2 kids passes and a FREE latte to one of our most favorite places to take the kids to play. We stayed for close to 4 hours. It was magical.

Alexis had her Spring Dance Recital. She was great!

I took the kids to story-time. It has been way too long since we've last been to one. They really enjoyed it, but I think they liked playing with the train table afterwards more. ;)

The Butterfly Pavilion!

We haven't been since Pax was a newborn, so about 3 years! The kids were so excited on the drive down and asked me a million questions about the butterflies. I wish I knew more about butterflies. Alexis held a tarantula spider! I was impressed, I don't think I would have been so brave to hold it. Pax wanted nothing to do with it. We walked through the part with the butterflies and looked at every single one flying by. One even landed on Alexis' finger and would not leave it. She loved it. She wanted to bring it home with us. Afterwards I let the kids play in the little kids area they have and then we met up with Cory for lunch and the kids got to see where daddy works! They thought that was fun. It was a FUN day!

Alexis had her 2nd T-Ball game. Not as many pictures this game as I got caught up talking to the other moms. I got so caught up talking that Paxton ran to the other side of the field- towards a busy street. Yea, I was THAT mom. Ugh.