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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week 25

Alexis moved up a level at swimming lessons and she is rocking it! I'm so proud of my little fish. Paxton is getting more used to the water now and even put his head completely under, that's huge for him.

I made a huge Summer Bucket List at the beginning of summer and we put Roller-Skating on it. Today we got to mark that off of our list. The kids have never been before. Alexis had no problem figuring it out and took off skating away and even made some friends that she hung out with the entire time. Paxton started off doing good, but after one fall he was over it. His little legs sure looked cute in those skates though.

I had such a FUN day with the kids today, it was perfect! It started off at Starbucks with an iced coffee (heavenly!) then to swimming lessons, got the kids dried off and dressed and we went to run some errands- they did great. We ended at Hobby Lobby getting some flowers for a head-piece that I'm making for Alexis for a photo-shoot that I'm doing (last picture!) and there it was…. a huge sign that said 80% off all home decor!!! Say what?!? I LOVE the home decor from hobby lobby. So I walked every single aisle and the kids were so patient with me. I got lots of stuff that I'm in love with. After our super long errand run we stopped in at Burger King for lunch (kids choice) while eating Pax told me he had to potty and he actually went on the potty! Yaaaaaaay!!! When we finally made it home we played with sidewalk chalk most of the afternoon and went to T-Ball practice. I love days like today.

One more swimming lessons picture =)

Another T-Ball Game! Alexis is really enjoying it.

I had envisioned this picture for a long time. I love when what I see in my head becomes an image. I will be ordering this large on canvas.