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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week 49

Paxton had a eye screening at preschool and the results came back that he needed to see a eye doctor. Sure enough, astigmatism. Same thing big sis has. Today was his first day with glasses. He loves them and has been doing so well with them.

We think he is pretty cute!

Annual Christmas tree pictures! I've been taking these since Paxton was a itty-bitty baby. I love to see their growth each year.

We had a Frozen themed birthday party for Alexis over the weekend. Her real birthday isn't until December 28th, but since it's so close to Christmas we always try to have her party at the beginning of the month. She wanted to invite all of her friends over to our house and I agreed (I had lost my mind!) She had a blast and it seemed like all her friends did too, but having 16 kiddos between the ages of 5-6 years old all at your house at the same time…. I had anxiety! Ha! 

Here's our lil Queen Elsa at her birthday party. 

We took the kids to see SANTA!! I absolutely love this Santa…. first of all, he looks like the real thing! He is so stinkin cheery and happy, it's sweet. AND they let you take your own pictures!! This was the first year that Paxton wanted to see Santa, he was so brave and we were so proud of him.