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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Week 14

Let the Easter festivities begin!

First up was the Easter egg hunt that our neighborhood puts on. I loved that the eggs were filled with little things like stickers, erasers, tattoos, etc. instead of candy! The kids made out well and had a great time.

Alexis had her first soccer game of the season! She told us she wasn't going to sing and dance in the goal this year…. but she did. =)

Next up was dying Easter eggs. I bought the sea creatures pack at Target, it was fun! 

Easter morning the kids were so excited to find their baskets and woke us up super early. Made me laugh. I think they were very happy with the Easter bunny this year. =)

Then we got dressed in our Easter best. I love buying the kids coordinating outfits for holidays. I will be so bummed when they don't allow me to do it anymore. 

Then we headed over to my parents house. We had prime rib and baked potatoes and my parents had a egg hunt set up for them in their backyard. It was a nice and relaxing day.

My parents gave Paxton this Spider-man mask for Easter and he wanted nothing to do with it that day. But the next day, he wouldn't take it off! He even wore it to come with me to pick sis up from Kindergarten. Too funny!