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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Week 15

Alexis had her 2nd soccer game of the season and oh my goodness!! I am not sure where it came from but that girl started to be aggressive and go after the ball. Cory and I were speechless. Where did this girl come from? She was a rockstar and almost scored a goal even! We were so proud of her for trying so hard.

We painted baby girls nursery! It's a super light pink color called Sacred. I love it! I can't wait to start getting her nursery put together, it's becoming so real that we'll have another baby soon! I'm getting super excited to meet her, but also want to enjoy every last minute of being pregnant where I can keep her all to myself. =)

Alexis received this Frozen game for Christmas and it's a mix between shoots and ladders and candy land. The kids played it over and over again for a whole hour and they were such good sports with each other. They were cheering each other on and being happy for the one who won, that never happens! (and Paxton is back into wanting to be Captain America everyday and this costume never comes off.)

Paxton has been begging me for months to make and decorate cookies. I finally gave in. Him and I made the cookies and baked them while Alexis was in school. Then after she got home we all decorated them together. After lots of frosting and sprinkle fun, the kids ran off to play and left me with a huge mess in the kitchen. Sigh.