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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Week 16

We got the crib and dresser pulled out of storage and set up in the nursery. As we were putting her room together it became more and more real that I'm soon going to be the mother of 3! I am so excited! We still have a lot that we want to add to the room- mostly pictures and canvases of her newborn photos, so that will have to wait and come later…

Paxton loves the Planes movies- especially Fire and Rescue. He thinks Dusty Crophopper is the greatest thing since sliced bread! This has been his favorite toy of the moment lately.

For Earth Day Alexis had to make a trash monster out of recycled goods. We took a pop-can and painted it and added some lids for eyes and paper for arms and hair. She thought it looked like those crazy purple minions from Despicable Me. Ha!