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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Week 26

I have an underwater point-and-shoot camera that I love! I wish I could afford to get a housing unit for my DLSR- but for now, this works! 

Today was the last day of swimming lessons! I was sad it was over this year. In years past I've always had Alexis in them but Pax was never old enough so I would have to spend the time chasing him around at the park and trying to watch her all at the same time. This year, they both got to participate and I had 30 whole minutes to myself every morning for 2 weeks. It was magical. I even met a couple of other moms and had un-interrupted conversations…..say what? It was nice.

We went to the Wings Over the Rockies: Air & Space Musuem (and got to check that off our summer bucket list!)

This was our first time ever going there and it was AMAZING! We've been missing out. The kids absolutely loved every minute of it… and so did I! 

Alexis doing her chores. She does them with a smile on her face.

Paxton is potty-trained! I could shout from the roof-tops I'm so excited! I thought this boy would never get there. I thought he may be going off to college still wearing diapers. We started a little over a month ago and it took a loooooong time for him to get the hang of it, but he isn't having accidents anymore AND he is telling us when he needs to go. We are now a diaper-free home…and that makes me a bit sad. My babies are growing up.

Today also marks the HALF-WAY point for this project 52. Wow! This year is flying by. I hope the last 26 weeks slow down.