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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Week 27

Happy 4th of July!

One of my most favorite holidays! I absolutely LOVE buying the kids some patriotic outfits. I went a little bit over-board this year and even bought the flip-flops, sunglasses and hat/hair accessory too! I can't help it… it's so much FUN!

We started our holiday with a bike parade in our neighborhood. The kids get to decorate their bike/scooter/wagon and parade up and down the streets in our 'hood. The best decorated wins a prize. We seriously have the best community who puts on some FUN events!

Here's my cuties with their decked out rides for the parade!

Then we headed to our neighborhood pool. Our HOA puts on a BBQ, raffle and lots of games for kids and adults. We spent the whole afternoon there and Cory got a pretty bad sunburn, but other than that we all had a blast!

Later that evening we headed out to the lake to watch the fireworks. It was super windy and raining. It was a long wait. But fortunately about 10 minutes before the fireworks launced, the rain stopped and the wind died down and we were able to enjoy the show. 

We got home pretty late, but the kids really wanted to do some sparklers. So we busted them out and let the kids have fun for 10 minutes and then we were mean and made them go to bed.

Alexis had another T-Ball game. Cory told me it was going to be an over-cast night so I grabbed the camera. Perfect lighting condition for a sport that's played in full sun. It was windy and quite cold though, the game ended just in time when the rain moved in and down poured.