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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 44

Ready for some Halloween over-load?

First up was Paxton's Halloween party in his Preschool class. The kids got to eat some treats, play a few games and play outside.

Next day was Alexis' Halloween party in her Kindergarten class. They had stations set up that the kids rotated through. There was a snack station, finger-painting, bingo, and story time. Every single parent showed up so their little classroom was packed! It was hard to move around to get many pictures of her, but oh well, she had a blast! We went out to lunch afterwards with my parents. It was a fun day!

Halloween! We had a really fun night trick-or-treating. The kids made it a whole block further than they have in years past. They were exhausted be the end of the night and couldn't keep their eyes open.

Is it really November already?