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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week 15

Alexis had her FIRST soccer game! We were all so excited for the occasion, we even invited grandma and papa to come along. She sure was cute in her little jersey and pigtails. Her coach put her as goalie. She was afraid of the ball, but she loved singing and dancing in front of the goal. I'm so happy Cory caught it all on camera. We talked with her about paying attention to the ball and watching where it is so that she would be ready to block it. I think it went right over her head. ;)

After her game we went out to brunch with grandma and papa and we went over to their house so the kids could play with their toys (grandma and papa's toys are more fun then ours apparently).

We went with some friends to "Baby Animal Days". It's a cute little event that a local farm puts on so the kids can come and see and pet the baby animals. It was pretty cold out but we had a good time. I think Alexis' favorite was the white pony and Paxton's was the baby ducks. He thought it was hilarious that the ducks would go swimming in their water dish.

The cutest bunch of kiddos! I just LOVE all of them.

We FINALLY had a super warm Spring day. I didn't want to waste it! It was the perfect time to get Easter pictures of the kids wearing their Easter best. So I took them out to my new favorite picture location and we had a 2 hour shoot. I can't believe they gave me 2 whole hours. It was fun!

(this one is my favorite! I'm thinking of getting it on canvas and hanging on my wall. What do you all think?)