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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week 13

We got FREE tickets to the Eagles Hockey Game! Yay!! Cory and I have been a few times before but this was the kids' first time. Paxton was a FAN! He watched very closely the entire time and never got bored or restless. Alexis wasn't so much into the hockey, but she sure enjoyed the music and had no problem standing up and dancing the entire time. Luckily the people sitting behind us loved it too and kept giving her high fives. She always knows how to make friends whevery we go. Makes me laugh.

Talk about hard lighting! Man I was really struggling. Just as soon as I'd get my settings figured out, the lighting would drastically change and kept changing so quickly it was hard for my to keep up. I tried fixing as much as I could in post, but some were just so far off. Ugh. A goal I have for myself this year is trying to get better at hard lighting situations.

A Photography Challenge for one of my photography groups this week was Out of Focus (on purpose). I've never done this before and honestly am not a big fan. But it's fun to try new things. Here mine is.

She was singing and dancing to Let it Go from Frozen. We love Frozen and have only watched it 1,000 times! =)